My name is ______ and I am #dorkdancing for mental health

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Our community was built upon a practice of Dork Dancing: a dance movement & mental health advocacy campaign where celebration & activism meet for a healthier & happier world.

Embrace your inner dork. Practice Love Over Fear. 

And commit to a new kind of community

It can be lonely feeling like a dork: disconnected, misunderstood, and anxious. And for a growing number of people who are facing mental illness and mental health challenges alone, the task of living a flourishing, happy life seems distant and unrealistic. 

COVID19 made the isolation & challenge much worse, while sparking a new kind of awareness and mental health movement. People are ready for change; tired of feeling down, living a life less than what they know is possible. 

It's time to unmute the heartache, headache, and pain. Dorks have been suffering inside in silence and it's time to let it out & let loose, through dance, storytelling, and community connection.

Since June 2020, the Dork community has embarked on a quest to change what it means to be a DORK with MENTAL challenges. Not only are dorks claiming newfound identities, strengths, and voices, but they are inspiring others to do the same. Join the community and lets lean into the best of our possibilities.

What we are up to

  • Discovering the promise & power of dancing freely
  • Dork Dancing online and offline, together, in private & public spaces
  • Gaining & raising awareness for mental health
  • Learning the science of human flourishing, positive psychology
  • Practicing & implementing wellness behaviors
  • Meeting dorks from across the world and growing together
  • Building psychological resilience for ourselves and communities
  • Spreading #dorkdancing for mental health to new people, organizations & communities

A Big Thanks

To the dorks who make this community what it is.

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